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Skin Patches



ELYTH Skin Patches are ideal for preventing blistering caused by pressure or friction. The cooling hydro-gel acts as an absorbent barrier, providing reliable protection against chafing and pressure. ELYTH skin patches are flexibly moldable to body contours.


ELYTH Skin Patch eckig/squares

1 in x 1 in, 200 patches



ELYTH Skin Patch rund /circles

diameter 3 in, 48 patches



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To cushion all kinds of dressings - can be customized and cut to as needed

8 in x 12 in, 10 sheets/1 box



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Skin Foam

Ideal cushion for sensitive skin – ELYTH Skin Foam is strongly adhesive and skin tolerant, providing effective protection against blistering and chafing. Adhesive on one-side, cut-to-fit.

4.4 in x 3 in x 0,08 in, 12 sheets/1 bag



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Skin Protector


Protects sensitive skin areas against friction and chafing - ELYTH Skin Protector stretches flexibly in any direction and is extremely easy to shape and mold with precision. ELYTH Skin Protector is strongly adhesive, skin-tolerant and easily cut to fit.

4.7 in x 8.5 in 12 sheets/1 bag